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UX/UI Solution to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

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UX/UI Design Bootcamp UXER SCHOOL.

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UX / UI Designer


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Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solution & Agile.


What's the problem?

Let's define the challenge and explore the human context!


Understand the Problem Space.

We asked ourselves what we knew and did not know about mental health in order to define our hypothesis and objectives.


We started the research from a qualitative and quantitative point of view.

We made 13 interviews to people between 25 and 45 years old who had or had not gone to the psychologist and we made online surveys.

To define the product, with the insights detected in the interviews and surveys, we built our User person to create a digital solution.

User Persona

user persona.png

Creating this profile, helped us to focus the user of our digital solution and always think about their needs and frustrations.


Why is it important?
Let's research, observe, understand and create a point of view!

The objective was to adapt our value proposition to the real needs and frustrations of the user and define a project opportunity.

This tool helped us to identify what we knew about the user.

We gained a more holistic view of the user’s world and his or her problems, or opportunity space

mapa empatia.png
customer jouney.png


Why is it important?

Brainstorm ideas good & bad... don't stop at the obvious!

How can we give security and confidence to people who want to take care of their mental health?

Using the Proposition Model Canvas and the Bussines Model Canvas, we validated our business idea and analyzed the value that our product had for our users and why our product was important for them.

value proposition.jpeg
business model canvas.jpeg

We defined that our application would help the user connect with specialized psychologists and propose methods to improve or solve emotional problems in a personalized way.

sketching and wireframing.png


How do we create it?
Let's start creating, experiment, fall cheap & fast!

We wanted Bienstar to provide personalized solutions within the reach of people and accessibility to emotional stability without prejudice ... in the end all this with the main objective of innovating and normalizing psychology.

Bienstar would be a reliable, empathetic and effective brand.


Bienstar is created to help users who want to take care of or improve their mental health, giving the possibility of choosing between specialized professional psychologists and arranging video call sessions with them at any time.

With our solution, you can connect with psychologists through presentation videos that allow you to know and trust the choice of the professional that best suits your needs. On the other hand, the user is given the option to carry out activities related to mental well-being and the possibility to access workshops or conferences of the application's psychologists to also establish a previous connection with them.

Bienstar - Mobile Prototype

Bienstar - Mobile Prototype

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