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Hi, My name is Noelia and I'm a deeply passionate about design!

I like colors, people and thinking about the development of things.

Welcome to my space! :)


UX / UI  Projects



I'm a UX/UI Designer!

After a period of years working in the Architecture field, I had a great interest about the world of 3D Animation, so I decided to orientate my career towards this new direction. 
Years later, I came across the UX / UI Design and realized that I was passionate about the idea of human-centered design and generating ideas that create value and help people at the same time as creating something beautiful. I think design is a way of thinking, a way of looking for solutions and proposals to improve people's experience.

About my background, I have a cross-sectional profile with an architectural perspective, a creative approach and a development vision to apply in the UX/UI field. For me, it's very interesting to have a global vision of the creative process and see how ideas are born and how they are implemented.

Ah!! If you want to know something about me...I like Marvel, I like cheese, discover new music, whales and the Barcelona breeze! 

Do you want ask me something more? Le'ts talk! 

Thanks for reading all this, see you around here! 



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